Willard Overstreet and The Highborn Kinsmen play rock music rich in lyric and melody with lush harmonies driven by guitars, organ and a solid foundation of bass and drums.  A pinch of 70’s, a dash of 80’s but always original!  The sound is big and dynamic yet nuanced, revealing something new every time you listen!

this album is something truly unique, which goes beyond mere rock and roll and does not stylistically confine itself to any single time period or place”


Their sound captures the energy of rock music and the timeless songwriting of Americana, tipping the hat off to legendary performers such as Tom Petty, as well as Fleetwood Mac, ELO, and Wilco, only to mention but a few” - The bandcamp diaries
All We Are” features the undeniable talent of Willard Overstreet and the Highborn Kinsmen in creating a strong sense of defiance, one that triumphs over obstacles in a way that feels completely realized”



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